• King Starscream

    Thundercats, LOL

    October 2, 2011 by King Starscream

    Hey, I get a blog! Cool... wait, I already have one of those. Hm...

    Oh well, gonna use it anyway!

    So apparently this has gone viral already, but I though I'd spread the pain ANYWAY.

    I am quite frankly amazed at the quality of this, and how savvy the writers were. That they could get Will Friedle (voice of Lion-O in the new series) to jump on board is just that much better. I had to rewatch this a few times to see just HOW MANY stupid, out-dated Internet memes got used. And it's a lot - plus a few new ones. I challenge you to find ones I didn't.

    • I Can Haz
    • Invisible Sandwich
    • Face Palm
    • Double Rainbow
    • Red ____ Standing By
    • Dog Fort
    • Narwhals
    • Bunchies
    • Reddit bot
    • MLP:FiM (Rainbow Dash in particular is there)
    • Creepers ("Thatssssss a nice house you have ther…

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