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An Apology Letter

Three months ago, on October 26/27th 2012, I was given a 3 month block from this wiki, and a permanent chat ban for getting angry at almost every user in the chat at the time for their stupidity. This included both admins and moderators. I lasted a good 10 minutes, I think, getting angry and calling both normal users and mods/admins names, and other things. I was finally banned by Bushcraft Medic after I told Sarah, one of the admins on this wiki, to "go fap to his cat" after she threatened to kick me.

After the ban, I got a very offensive image from another admin, Furbearingbrick, which involved calling me an asshole via the image. I requested that the image be taken off immediately, and that I be apologized to, but furbearingbrick refused, but then apologized to me later that same day.

The reason I got angry and all of the admins and users was because of Quote: Their stupidity, obnoxious/immature behavior, and jackassery.

I'd like to apologize for everything that happened on that day, and I accept furbearingbricks apology. What I did was offensive to other people, and was an obnoxious thing to do. Looking back on this day, I realize how stupid I must have looked in everyone else's perspective, and I truly regret ever starting the drama in the first place.

I hope that the story of what happened as shown above isn't against the rules in some sort of way. Although I've read them, I just want to make sure that whoever is reading, perhaps a new admin or old admin, could see this, remember it, and be able to understand this apology letter even further.

It is your choice as the admin to decide whether I should be unbanned from the chat or not, but I would like to add that Sarah told me that if I kept up my good behavior, she MAY shorten the chat ban.

Again, I am very sorry for my actions on that day 3 months ago, and I wish that I could never have started it in the first place, and I hope that all of you can forgive me.

The King of Waffles (talk) 04:41, January 27, 2013 (UTC)

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