Hello, my little fellow's.

I am know as Kinekt, an anonymous writer of words and sentences. My facial feautures are unknown to this page and shall stay unknown and undiscovered. I'm older than 5 and younger than 25, which is all I will say until it is not true no more. The discovery of this page has made me happy, since I am now seizing an oppertunity to write stories and have a blog. A person named Cry, a.k.a ChaoticMonki, made this page known to me, since I have listened to his series, Cry Reads. I do enjoy playing videogames, which takes up a good couple of hours of my day. Other quests I do each day is spend my time on YouTube, having a blast. Since it is not summer vacation, I do not have school. When school does return, my days shall be take by the time of school, homework, videogames and YouTube. Do I hang a lot with friends? I am sorry, I do not hang a lot with my friends. Since I grew up with social anxiety and different dilemmas to my life, I find it difficult to be around friends and aquaintances. But I do make myself spend time with a friend atleast once a week.

Other types of information with have to be added to another blogpost.