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    November 28, 2013 by Killatilla

    I sit down on the couch in my house, bored, depressed,and alone. I have no friends to talk to, no one to interact with. My one large escape was the internet. I could be myself on the web, talk to people, discuss games, research things. The horrible truth is that I have no internet. My Mothers house is the place of wifi, my dads is the place of cinema. All I really do all day is finish schoolwork and watch movies. I am home alone most of the time due to my dads job; from 4pm till 4am. I get rather frightened when I am alone late at night. I am a very paranoid person, really shy and anxious. Life is a very difficult thing to cope with having disorders like that. I try to tell people how bad my anxiety really is, but they end up just telling …

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