My first story, The Sounding of the Fifth Trumpet was a story in the making for decades. I was 8 years old when I first came up with the concept. As a natural born skeptic born into a hyper-religious family, I always struggled with the concept of a super-being that had always existed. It was a real source of distress at that age. When you are indoctrinated at a young age that non-belief would cause your soul to be damned and tormented for all of eternity, it was extremely troubling that I was questioning these fundamental concepts. For me, it is impossible for me to accept these beliefs on faith. So as a child, I began imagining plausible ways for there to be an all powerful god. It was sort of like Biblical science fiction. The idea of the beginning of existence actually occurring in the distant future was my way to rationalized the existence of a god. It was the beginning of this story. The idea that mankind's existence is looped due to the intervention of the fallen, in order to avoid the end of the world was fascinating. I added the ritualistic instructions to provide a basis to tell a story upon.


The Assault

The assault was interesting to write. I tried to avoid sexual content in the story because I feel it's a cheap trick just to elicit reactions. However, I wanted something disturbing in a new and different way, much like the sexual undertone of oral rape Ridley Scott brilliantly portrayed with Kane and the face hugger from the movie Alien. The ocular attack was the end result. I felt it portrayed the tone very well without going overboard on the blatant sexuality. I wanted this as part of the story because the characters, The Watchers, are creatures of pleasures and ones that gave into their desires. This was the reason they abandoned Heaven.

In the end, this is a story I am very proud of. I am so glad to have actually took it from a concept and made it into a reality that I can share