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My Texan Zombies made it to 100 Views!

It started off as a brief blurb in an entirely separate story just to add character development, and it became a new story by itself. It was humorous and witty and added a unique and new take on the zombie apocalypse. I am extremely happy to see my first story narration cross the 100 Views mark. I know, I know. It isn't that many people, but it is still a good feeling that at least 100 people saw something I created and hopefully got a laugh from it!

The Zombie Apocalypse Sucks by Killahawke1 Creepypasta-009:51

The Zombie Apocalypse Sucks by Killahawke1 Creepypasta-0

Narrated by Sid's Mini 'Sidious Creepypasta Readings