I'm a bit disappointed I found out about this one a day late, but nonetheless I feel the need to pay tribute. In honor of National Cat Day, I dedicate my page today to:

The cat who puts the "cat" into catastrophe!
The feline of fear!
The "other" survivor of the Nostromo!
Jones the cat!

Being obsessed with the movie Alien, having snuck out to the living room at 1 AM to watch it when I was a boy, Jones is a distinct reminder of that time. A time when the Alien and it's design and concept were new and fresh and it truly did invoke feelings of dread in its audience, but also gave us a sense of awe. Do your remember the very first scene when the Derelict ship or when the Space Jockey was revealed? The rapid build up of the errie music that ended with the echoing of like hollowed bones knocking? We don't get to experience that anymore in the movies. Thankfully we still have our mind's eye and we have Creepypasta Wiki to provide us with stories that have a special effects budget of unlimited proportions.

Here's to you Jones. With Alien 5 in the works and Corporal Hicks being brought back into the story, I'm rooting for you to be there as well. I also believe there's a story in there somewhere about what you saw on the Nostromo. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ripley's survival was only possible due to some unseen intervention on your part prior to being put into your cat carrier. What were you doing on the bridge anyways when Ripley found you? Anyways, until we learn what really happened on the Nostromo, I still cherish the memory of Jones and for one day out of the year there will be no screaming because:

In space, no one can hear you meow.

Runner up: the cat from Stephen King's Cat's Eye