Fan fiction. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth just saying those two words. You might think that it would be the place where new ideas and thoughts flourish. Where new adventure are had by the beloved characters from these worlds we've come to love so much from screen and film. However, what do we get? Crap! Doodoo! Caca!


We get predictable, simplistic and unimaginative plots. We get characters that are robotic, dialogue that is atrocious, and plot devices that make no sense and are simply ridiculous.

The worst sin is to our beloved characters. They are retreaded over and over again and ground into irrelevancy by unworthy hands using repetition. We have the mystery of their nature and the uniqueness of their presence stripped away until it just a mundane joke of its former self more likely to invoke a rolling of the eyes or a sigh exasperation.

I have never read a fan fiction I liked. I hope, the same cannot be said of you anymore after reading this.

I just released a short story and narration of one my favorite franchise and mostly likely the most severe victim of the actions I described above. They Mostly Come At Night. Now I was a little bit sneaky. I wrote it without mentioning any characters or names, or creatures, or places. I let the reader make those conclusions themselves (of course with some visual cues from me). It was a fan fiction disguised as a Creepypasta. So if you are a fan of the movie, you will immediately know it. If you have never seen the movie, it is a cool little stand alone tale.

The narration of the story was released on Sunday afternoon and one day later it had over one hundred views (That is a huge number for me) by day two; it was up to 170.

As a boy, I was so attached to this character and it was a joy to become reacquainted with her. What was surprising was that it seem that so many other also liked being reminding of her again too.

Thanks so much to Jay-Ten and Anarchic Operations for helping to tighten up the story in the beginning.

Now the question is, "Can lightning strike twice?"

I think so. I have begun working on my second and final story, and it will be awesome