So I am sitting here reminiscing and the question popped in my head— What was the movie that was the "one"? You know, the one that can claim to be the one that traumatized you as a kid. The one you really had no business watching and knew would how much trouble you would be in if caught. The one movie that you can remember how it made you felt, even years later.

At first, I thought it was the movie Phantasm. Those little Jawa-looking fuckers terrified me and their yellow blood disgusted me. I couldn't eat sunny-side-up eggs for a year. Then there was that flying ball that would drill into your head and spit your brains out.

I convinced myself the Tall Man was hiding in my closet with the door mirror just like the movie. Me and my fellow degenerates, who were my horror movie partners, even made a "Bloody Mary"-like game and dared each other to stand in front of the mirror with no lights and chant, "It's only a dream! It's only a dream! It's only a dream!" expecting hands to come crashing out of it any moment and the Tall Man standing behind you and telling you, "No, it's not!"

This movie was close, but not the one that traumatized me. No, it was not the Tall Man and his flying killer ball or his little-robed servants. IT WAS THOSE FUCKING RABBITS!

You know which rabbits I'm talking about. Watership down. Rabbits having visions or the ground bleeding from their blood and trampling and suffocating in their burrows. Birds of prey were snatching up cute bunnies, malicious cats, and large dogs, ears shredded as punishment And one General rabbit and his one blinded eye.

It was too much for me! Rabbits! Rabbits! I see rabbits! Save me from the rabbits!