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Kill1mes February 28, 2014 User blog:Kill1mes

So. It's here. This day marks my second year on the wiki. As of today, I've been here for two years. And what a journey it's been. I started as an annoying noob, the next year turned into a slightly less annoying noob, and then throughout the course of that year, became a respected member and gained mod and VCROC status. Then this year I took the final step and became an Admin.

In 2012 and 2013 I made countless friends, amazing memories, and overall, had a great time. This place was a giant improvement to my life. I ended 2013 with a goodbye note, as this place just didn't feel like it was in 2012. the good ol' days that I remember with such revelry. Five days later I realized how stupid it was to think that way, and decided to return as Silverspots. Both for the reason of turning of a new leaf and for eventually playing a prank on everyone, when a noob was granted mod status. If you're reading this Nick, thanks for that, it was a lot of fun.

Since then, and well, since I joined, I've grown a lot as a person. I'd made friends, memories, and helped people. I've made mistakes too, a lot. But I think I grew and learned from them. Overall, I wouldn't change anything if I had the chance. Looking back on when I first joined, I've done a 180 in jut about everything, and you guys are to blame for that. I couldn't be more thrilled about that.

So I just wanted to say, to all my friends, old and new alike. You guys are great. I love you guys so much. You've made me into the man I am today. And even thought I still have my moments, I enjoy this change. You guys are the best, never forget that.

Killsy, signing off.

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