... for summer. I'm sorry, I have to. The only way on is my school laptop because this wiki doesn't work on my old one, I can't get on chat or edit or anything. But yeah, I'm not gonna be able to get on during summer, so the only way to get in contact with me is through Skype. If you do wanna send a request, please tell me your username though, my Skype name is Theryansguy. I have to turn in my laptop in on Friday (6/14/13), so I have until Thursday night with you guys. I doubt I'll be on at all during summer, so there's not much left to say. I love you all and I'm gonna miss this chat. Thank you for the best year and a half of my life, and all the other countless ways this site has affected me. I hope you all have a great summer. I'll see if I can start being active against in September, but until then, goodbye.

With great sadness,