So, during the two weeks chat was gone, I realized something. This place is holding me back. Ever since chat was down, I've gotten three new chapters of my story up. With chat, that would probably take just as many months. I also got more schoolwork done and managed to pass on the honor role, contrasting to my B-C average before. Not to mention, most of the time I come here, I start hating everything and want to leave, but can't.

This isn't necessarily goodbye though. On my profile is a section telling you several ways to contact me, if you consider us friends, go ahead and do that. But I'm just gonna say this once. No false pretenses. If I acted like I was fine around you before, but didn't actually like you, I'm not gonna pretend anymore. This will probably be rare though, there was maybe one or two people I was like this too.

Finally, I'd like an indefinite IP block, if you guys don't mind. I'm gonna think I miss this place and come back if not. So yeah.

To those of you who will go out of contact with me, goodbye. Good to not know or barely know you.

To my friends, get a means of contact with me and don't pretend this will change anything.

Bye all. It's been good. Here's Ryan, signing off for the last time.