• Kill1mes


    April 17, 2014 by Kill1mes

    So, during the two weeks chat was gone, I realized something. This place is holding me back. Ever since chat was down, I've gotten three new chapters of my story up. With chat, that would probably take just as many months. I also got more schoolwork done and managed to pass on the honor role, contrasting to my B-C average before. Not to mention, most of the time I come here, I start hating everything and want to leave, but can't.

    This isn't necessarily goodbye though. On my profile is a section telling you several ways to contact me, if you consider us friends, go ahead and do that. But I'm just gonna say this once. No false pretenses. If I acted like I was fine around you before, but didn't actually like you, I'm not gonna pretend anymore.…

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  • Kill1mes

    Two years

    February 28, 2014 by Kill1mes

    So. It's here. This day marks my second year on the wiki. As of today, I've been here for two years. And what a journey it's been. I started as an annoying noob, the next year turned into a slightly less annoying noob, and then throughout the course of that year, became a respected member and gained mod and VCROC status. Then this year I took the final step and became an Admin.

    In 2012 and 2013 I made countless friends, amazing memories, and overall, had a great time. This place was a giant improvement to my life. I ended 2013 with a goodbye note, as this place just didn't feel like it was in 2012. the good ol' days that I remember with such revelry. Five days later I realized how stupid it was to think that way, and decided to return as Si…

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  • Kill1mes

    Goodbye ol' friends

    September 27, 2013 by Kill1mes

    How do I say this...

    This time it isn'tsome school deadline, or some messed up coding keeping me away from this site, it's me.

    Chat just isn't the same anymore. Most of the old members have gone, and many who haven't have just changed. Chat just doesn't feel right anymore. I feel like I've been purposly avoiding it.

    So to those of you who may be saddened by my leaving, I'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt anyone. But  I can't take this anymore.

    So goodbye everyone.

    I'll miss you.

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  • Kill1mes

    Leaving Wikia

    June 4, 2013 by Kill1mes

    ... for summer. I'm sorry, I have to. The only way on is my school laptop because this wiki doesn't work on my old one, I can't get on chat or edit or anything. But yeah, I'm not gonna be able to get on during summer, so the only way to get in contact with me is through Skype. If you do wanna send a request, please tell me your username though, my Skype name is Theryansguy. I have to turn in my laptop in on Friday (6/14/13), so I have until Thursday night with you guys. I doubt I'll be on at all during summer, so there's not much left to say. I love you all and I'm gonna miss this chat. Thank you for the best year and a half of my life, and all the other countless ways this site has affected me. I hope you all have a great summer. I'll see…

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