Hi! It's really nice to join the community of other creepypasta fans here! This blog is only just an introduction of myself. so it may be a little short. I'm into many different things such as dancing, basketball, and playing in the snow during winter. I also like AKB48 (hence my username), Power Rangers, NXT, arts and crafts, and school. I really love the creepypastas that are posted on here, mainly I head for the video games section, the internet section, or the rituals section. They all seem very fascinating! 

I also have a few things that make me very interesting. One is that my fingers are double jointed. Yep. They are. Number two is that I know how to sing German. I'm part German myself, which is possibly why... 

And #3 is probably what would make me a phsycopath. I do not have a reaction to anything creepy. If I was dared to watch anything that everyone else who watched it felt disturbed, I would just stay silent, leave a blank expression and not even move. For example, if you watched Obey the Walrus , you would probably be freaked out, scared that the person who was in that video, is standing right behind you in your room, waiting to kill you.  Me, on the other hand, I would just chill. I know that whoever says bad luck is gonna come is lying. They even say that the person in that video is a deformed *midget*. Actually,, the real person is actually a drag queen named Johnnie Baima from "The Goddess Bunny", according to know your meme. [here to learn more.] That guy you thought was deformed, is actually suffering from polio. And he is actually a role model to people. If only people knew.

So that is all for now. Maybe I'll post another blog. Until then, see ya' later!