aka Kimberly

  • I live in NYC
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Kht48

    I'm BACK

    July 15, 2014 by Kht48

    I am back! And I am scared for my life! I am in a terrible storm right now, and thunder and lightning is louder than ever!! Wish me luck that power outs don't happen! #YOLO

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  • Kht48


    June 20, 2014 by Kht48

    I am very sorry for offending any rules and content, and I swear to you I will never do it again. If I'm just a hindrance to this wikia, I would be very more than happy to leave, because everyone else is a use to this wikia. All of you would have a good understanding of the rules. But me, no. I am just absolutely horrible for this wikia. I don't want to contribute to a wikia that I hardly ever do good for. Seriously, I am out.

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  • Kht48

    What is it?!

    May 18, 2014 by Kht48

    I can't seem to find this ritual page. Here is a good description.

    • Has to do with making wishes in a mirror, with a red candle lit. 
    • There will be a random monster who gives you a name and a number, can't recite and suffer a fate.
    • Shadowlurker comes in, and you have to bow down to him and you get all power
    • commenter said page was legit.

    Thank you.

    P.S. he said the picture was legit.

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  • Kht48

    Introduction Blog

    January 5, 2014 by Kht48

    Hi! It's really nice to join the community of other creepypasta fans here! This blog is only just an introduction of myself. so it may be a little short. I'm into many different things such as dancing, basketball, and playing in the snow during winter. I also like AKB48 (hence my username), Power Rangers, NXT, arts and crafts, and school. I really love the creepypastas that are posted on here, mainly I head for the video games section, the internet section, or the rituals section. They all seem very fascinating! 

    I also have a few things that make me very interesting. One is that my fingers are double jointed. Yep. They are. Number two is that I know how to sing German. I'm part German myself, which is possibly why... 

    And #3 is probably wha…

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