I went to page to see how much Minecraft was. It was $26.49. So I entered my credit card number and began playing. This is were thing start to get creepy. The title screen was odd, it had 2 white eyes in the background, the water was a bit red, like someone got attacked by a shark, and the words "Minecraft" had a texture like it was dipped in the blood lake. i ignored everything and hit Singleplayer. I was terrified to see there was already a file made. The title was called "run". I clicked on it because I was curious. I spawned in a dark mine, I was a little bit scared. I was on survival, so I decided to find a way out. I saw a sign and it said: "Do not look behind oor beside you or there will be a surprise...". I was SO scared now that I was ready to quit. But I kept going. I saw a chest and opended it. There was a book inside the chest so I put it in my inventory. When I put my cursor over it, the book had no tilte or auther. I was VERY scared now, so I closed the chest and read the book. All it had inside it was: "White eyes in dark... was last what I saw... before I died......". It was scary. I read a Creepypasta about Herobrine and it said that he says those things. I wasn't worried but I was scared. Then something very odd happended. The Default skin Steve had a little bit of blood dripping from his eyes. He also had bloody scratches and bruises all over his face and body. His clothes had holes and rips, and his beard was a little shaved off. I exited out of the survival inventory and saw... the face I can't unsee. Herobrine. He killed me. The "You Died" screen came up and the Respawn button was crossed out. So I had to click the Main Menu button. So I did. I went and clicked on the Singleplayer button again, and the world called "run" was gone. I made a new world called "No More Herobrine". I put it on Creative and on Superflat. I spawned again and I started to build a nice big house. Everything was going fine until I saw... Him. Herobrine was back and he put my gamemode on survival. He covered me in bedrock. I was typing in the commands: /gamemode 1 but it said I had no acess to that command. I quickly quit the world and looked at the downloaded files. One file said "Herobrine.exe". I didn't download any mods or maps. Ididn't even download the ModLoader. I just clicked on Download on I don't know what happened but I'm never playing Minecraft again.