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Hungry for fear

I've always been a strange child. I was rich with knowledge at a young age. My ultimate goal was to get to know everything. I felt like I needed to be wise and so I was. I was quiet, calm and didn't say much. I always was with my nose stuck in a book. I got my computer when I turned 8 years old on 5 December. I quickly got addicted to it and I thought It was amazing to find knowledge in something else than books. After watching a few videos on YouTube I stumbled across a few 'Urban legends' videos. The first ones were Bloody Mary and the slit-mouthed woman. As a normal child, I got scared but as the isolated kid I was I didn't let other people know I was afraid.

Fear is after all, a choice.

I live in a normal neighbourhood but It could get quite scary at night in here. Also; I wasn't allowed to turn on all the lights in the house so with shaky legs and with adrenaline rushing through my veins I went downstairs and upstairs for a few months. But somehow I still wanted to know more about these legends so before I could stop myself for getting more scared, I searched and searched. I've read so many legends and watched so many videos about mythical creates and scary tales that I kind of got forced to get to know more. Maybe it's just my curiousness. I still get scared sometimes, but not so much anymore. I believe these tales aren't real but I still kind of... Like the feeling of adrenaline when I walk into dark places with the feeling something can kill me any second. It's not because I'm suicidal or anything, It's because I know It's fake but still after all those years, I got quicker senses when it comes to danger. It makes me alert and sharp. And still I am hunting, hungry for more fear and creepy tales.

And that's kind of how I got introduced to this wiki. 🌙

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