• KazumaAono

    Cole and the Beast

    February 3, 2013 by KazumaAono

    Playstation has always been my favorite gaming system. PSX, PS2 and PS3. Each system making its mark on my life with their innovative games. For PSX it was Crash Bandicoot. For PS2 it was Kingdom Hearts, but for PS3, definately Infamous. The first time I played Infamous was on my 17th birthday. My friend had let me borrow his PS3 and some games for a month as a present and I took a shine Infamous imediately. Sadly, I never got to beat it. A year later I got my own system and after about 4 months, that very same friend put his PSN account on my PS3 so that I can download his games and stuff for free. I noticed he had downloaded Infamous so I went ahead and took it. I played it and beat it with both good and evil karma in about a month.


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