• KayDemon

    Welcome into kay's mined

    November 10, 2012 by KayDemon


    You mite not see much typing

    Because I talk through pictures and music

    Now these pictures and songs are not by me

    but they will be used to show my emotion so to any artist I mite use thank you.

    To start off you mite want to know about me. I am a artist I just don't have the things

    I need to post them on line so you may see them.

    I do have mental "problems" and they are

    • A.D.H.D
    • Bipolar 1
    • and schizophrenia

    I have been in a mental hospital ( I didn't like it ) anything other then that you may ask me.

    V Enter my mined here V

    Enter in and you mite fined things don't scare you if your kind.

    love is red and gore is red lets see which one fills your head.

    ~ Kayla G.

    More will be added later~

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