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Ello, this is my first blog post so it might be a bit rubbish sorry =P.

Hey dere O3O, yay your reading this, my name is karl, or you can call me karly. Am 12 years old and love creepypastas, i listened/read to the main creepypasta's like , slenderman, jeff the killer,sally,smiledog Etc. I also draw creepypasta's, yes am one of those people! draw draw youtube youtube internet internet XD. After so much expirience with creepypasta i am getting ready to come up with my own, something about a girl with no face but just a mouth, am not gonna say anymore about it, but soon i will type it on this wiki and you might want to see it =D.

Thx for reading this am sorry its a bit rubbish.
Kawaii karl =3

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