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Top 10 usernames made by me

Wow, I never expected that I'd ever make enough usermaes to make a top 10. Why exacly I do this (or at least was doing this)? Many reasons, but they're top secret. (jk, I just don't wanna say them.)

1)Fabulous War Boy
2)Limahl the Great Thompson Lemon
3)Katarina Porisso (current one)
4)Chapéist Jamés
5)Switchblade Made Strawberry
6)Strawberry Starship
7)Enough30 (Original username)
8)Paçoca Sem Graça Alguma
9)Some Jarex dude (can't remember the damn complex name)
10)ScrewYouDinkleberg (Most well known and relevant username; however, my least favorite)

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