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  • I live in J
  • My occupation is J
  • I am J
  • Katarina Porisso

    It's weird to see this happening, but it seems like people who used to chat here just completely gave up on chatting on SPW. I don't consider Trollpasta because I never saw someone there who was active here.

    Every time I check SPW it's always me on that chat picture, even in times where people are supposed to be there. I somehow feel lonely now, but I guess this happened for the sake of something good? XD

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  • Katarina Porisso

    Wow, I never expected that I'd ever make enough usermaes to make a top 10. Why exacly I do this (or at least was doing this)? Many reasons, but they're top secret. (jk, I just don't wanna say them.)

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