So, this wiki has really started to go downhill in my opinion (and before "Another newbie leaving because chat shutdown?" comments, i don't give a shit about it)​ really. Honestly, some things i felt should not have been here.

The chat surprised me, consdiering how you if you want people to be productive and not sit on their asses just talking, why make it a WIKI?

The Damn Fine Pasta Contest.

This made me think the wiki is getting desprate for people who aren't shitheads to write.

I'm predicting the future here

Admins make it so you have to be able to write well to be here. Having it be "You must have submitted at least 1 story that was not deleted, or your profile will be deleted" or some shit that the dumbfuck part of the admins brains thought of. Here is what i will comment.

"I warned you. I warned ALL of you. Know what, i'm tired of your shit. This is a community site, if you can't say it is, well then WHY ARE YOU HERE? If you wanted a site for stories, go make a damn site, a wiki is for the community, this is turning into something not for the community. If you disagree, i don't care, i will stay strong to what i belive in."

Thank you for reading.