So i decided to try this again, but now that i have little bit of rep around here, i should get at least 6 questions (Hopefully) or more. Maybe less. Might get none. That's a high chance.

Oh, right. Anyway, don't waste your time with personal ones, as those will not be answered. Here are some good examples.

What is your gaming intrests? What hooks me in a creepypasta? I will also not accept writing questions, as writing is unneeded for me. Here are pretty much the rules.

No writing questions.

No personal questions.

No attempting at getting me to give a away personal info.

Every day i'll look at it (if i can, as my brother plays WoW alot, and i also like to play SSBM or SSBB) and see some questions if any.

Now lets hope this one won't be an utter failure. After some time, i will create another blog telling the answers and the questions with their corresponding usernames.