Alright, here they are.

This is a comment from Sykokillah.

"What is your favorite genre of games?"

A mix between FPS, Open World, Action and adventure.

Here is one from Vajr.

"Do you perfer horror stories with or without a certain type of closure?"

No, not really. I like it when there is no end, it leaves me spooked even after i finish reading.

But ones with an end are good.

Here is one from YourMurderer.

"You seem awfully rude on some of your blogs. Do you mean to be rude?"

No i really don't.

Now we have one from CassistRabbit. Which is a list!

"1.Do you have a deviantArt?" No.

"2.Are you gonna play the new Smash Bros. game?" I plan to.

"3.What makes a good creepypasta for you?" A good intro, nice plot, good story, and much more. Tell me if you want to know how much goes into me loving one, tell me.

Here's one from AutopsyTurvy.

"What tropes do you hate to see in creepy pastas?"

Quite alot, once again ask me and i'll tell you.

Heres annother list. From Umbrello. The list was so long, someone else answered it all on the original.

Here is the one question i'll answer.

"Why did you call it a QNA when it's a Q&A?"

I can make it how i want, either way, it's the same thing.

Thank you for akhkFKkh (i died)