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    March 22, 2015 by Karinto Wolf

    lol I bugged the blog.

    So, looking back and- I'm not even gonna bother. I'm a creepy fuck, that's that, unfortunatly. Anyway, I'm back. Probably not gonna be on here often, but yeah. I find the chat shutdown kind of funny, because I can't think of any possible way it went to hell that wasn't intentional. (NO I'M NOT BLAMING MODS AND ADMINS) I also have a slight question, what happened in the time I was gone? WHAT AM I RIDING FOOOORRR

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  • Karinto Wolf

    Amnesia's QNA Answers

    September 11, 2014 by Karinto Wolf

    Alright, here they are.

    This is a comment from Sykokillah.

    "What is your favorite genre of games?"

    A mix between FPS, Open World, Action and adventure.

    Here is one from Vajr.

    "Do you perfer horror stories with or without a certain type of closure?"

    No, not really. I like it when there is no end, it leaves me spooked even after i finish reading.

    But ones with an end are good.

    Here is one from YourMurderer.

    "You seem awfully rude on some of your blogs. Do you mean to be rude?"

    No i really don't.

    Now we have one from CassistRabbit. Which is a list!

    "1.Do you have a deviantArt?" No.

    "2.Are you gonna play the new Smash Bros. game?" I plan to.

    "3.What makes a good creepypasta for you?" A good intro, nice plot, good story, and much more. Tell me if you want to…

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  • Karinto Wolf

    Amnesia's QNA Attempt 2

    September 9, 2014 by Karinto Wolf

    So i decided to try this again, but now that i have little bit of rep around here, i should get at least 6 questions (Hopefully) or more. Maybe less. Might get none. That's a high chance.

    Oh, right. Anyway, don't waste your time with personal ones, as those will not be answered. Here are some good examples.

    What is your gaming intrests? What hooks me in a creepypasta? I will also not accept writing questions, as writing is unneeded for me. Here are pretty much the rules.

    No writing questions.

    No personal questions.

    No attempting at getting me to give a away personal info.

    Every day i'll look at it (if i can, as my brother plays WoW alot, and i also like to play SSBM or SSBB) and see some questions if any.

    Now lets hope this one won't be an utter …

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  • Karinto Wolf

    So, this wiki has really started to go downhill in my opinion (and before "Another newbie leaving because chat shutdown?" comments, i don't give a shit about it)​ really. Honestly, some things i felt should not have been here.

    The chat surprised me, consdiering how you if you want people to be productive and not sit on their asses just talking, why make it a WIKI?

    The Damn Fine Pasta Contest.

    This made me think the wiki is getting desprate for people who aren't shitheads to write.

    I'm predicting the future here

    Admins make it so you have to be able to write well to be here. Having it be "You must have submitted at least 1 story that was not deleted, or your profile will be deleted" or some shit that the dumbfuck part of the admins brains though…

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  • Karinto Wolf

    There are tons of people (especially admins) saying to give har6sh criticism when it is required. TO ME. Can a man not have a damn opinion around here?

    Anyway, i think that someone should be able to what thier opinion says they do (if the rules allow so) and don't give a shit and let him/her be him/her.

    This picture sums it all up, but the blog would have been deleted and i'd got a warning or ban.

    THANK YOU FOR READING! (Screw You Caps Lock)

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