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introducing everyone

RILES= Freshman in college, plays tuba, loves math, Tudors Kait and the others, hair always in a braid falling pass waist. B

<3Kait= junior in high school, plays oboe and bass clarinet, sings, draws, dances, loves wolves, hair is short(up to ears) favorite color is black. G

Morgana!= junior, sings, draws, loves cats, fave color is green, plays French horn in marching band, plays piano, curly, shoulder length dirty blonde hair. G

Nicks= sophomore, sustained leg injury from dog as little boy, favorite colors are Red, Black, and Gold, buzz cut. B

Stev= junior, plays piano and flute, loooooovvvvvves bvb, likes black, lol no, shoulder length curly brown hair. B

Victoris= sophomore, nope, nope, also tits, shoulder length brown hair. G

Iaaaaaannnnnnn= sophomore, guitarist, draws, long shaggy hair. B

jAdEn= junior, flag guard, blue, shoulder length blonde hair. G

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