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Hay guys first post!

Hi!!! first post, so excited! I LOVEEEEE creepypasta!!!!

Also, I'm getting a deviant art account, ill tell y'all the user once I get it. I love anime style art and am a major artist. I like music too, WOOOOO HEAVY METAL YEAH!!!!!

I like Black Butler, and Blood+ too they are amazing anime! Comment if you like either one, Blood+ isn't as popular as Black Butler, that's why I'm looking for people who like it too! 

Im getting off subject. Anyway, if you were awesome enough to read all that and you are super awesome enough to keep reading, here's my top favorite creepy pastas

1 Jeff the Killer

2 Slender man (Slender Suit is a great fan fiction, you guys should read it)


These are some of my favorites, I have a BUNCH of others!!!

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