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Empire Of The Sun - Alive (M4SONIC Remix)03:32

Empire Of The Sun - Alive (M4SONIC Remix)


Feelings in Queue - Day 2

Empire of the Sun - Alive (M4SONIC Remix)

I'm so happy today...WEEEE!!!!

Before I begin, I want to share you my RP twitter account. This goes along with what I am posting here today....

It is: @databasekei

EDIT: I guess you can't do it here.... nvm.....

RP Listing

I play these characters when I am in the Creepypasta Wikia Chat and in the Creepypasta Wikia Forums. Most of the ones mentioned are my own but I do play popular Pastas as in my HEADCANON, this means that the Pastas portrayed through me aren't exactly the official canon. I do try to match it up with of much as the canon portrays them as possible however. And for my original Pastas. I only have a couple major ones. That's why I'm listing them here.

Canon Characters

  • BEN Drowned (More close to most headcanons than official canon, the only difference is that he doesn't smoke weed. I mean how can he?)
  • Laughing Jack (very similiar to official canon)
  • and Sally (older than official canon, is a close Yandere stereotype)

Fan Characters

Before we begin this section, I just want to clear this up in case anyone asks. I do not have any "Jeff the Killer" rip-offs and "BEN Drowned" rip-offs in my inventory. The only exception is KEI because believe it or not, he's actually my alter ego.

  • KEI (Alter Ego, very protective of others, shy, Uke, short-tempered)
  • Nakayama Tsukame (Ghost, manipulative, self-obssesed, perverted, destructive in nature)
  • and Kazue (Demon, lustful, forceful when with others, energetic, insane)

That's it for today!!!