So apparently they're perm removing the chat. This wiki.... I had a lot of fun here, a lot of good memories. I met a lot of new people. Im really sad right now. As I heard the amdisn decided to just take chat down all together. I'll miss everyone. You may know me as Justindavid23, MrPopo, NightWalkerUmbreon, Loskings. But to all of you, you just know me as Justin.

I'll miss all of you, regardless if I hardly talk to you guys a lot. I'll miss Paladin, Meta, Fatal, Cas, Zyr, Devin, Kill, Pram and Cymbal, ect. I don't remember everyone that I care about that was on the chat. But remember me, I'll remember you. I hope one day we will be able to speak again. If you don't have me on skype, it's justin.david414.

I'll miss all of you dearly, thank you guys for an amazing experience. Over a year has passed since I joined this wiki. Though this wiki has gone to shit. I wouldn't change my experience in a heartbeat.

Here's Justin David, speaking perhaps for the last time....