aka Clyde Dinosaurvan

  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is Kawaii Schoolgirl trying to get noticed by Senpai
  • I am of the male gender.
  • Junko-Sparklez

    Well, since the Wikia wanted me to write a blog post, might as well start here.

    My name is Kyle but please do call me Clyde.

    I'am of the male gender and I'm currently obsessed with South Park, Touhou, Bands, and Satanic Rituals.

    The Creepypasta Wikia is probably one of the greatest discoveries I've had since I started using the internet. I mean, the site helps me cringe in fear and make my brain scared shitless; imagining the horrific masterpieces ( and some terrible yet good pastas ) written on these Wikia real. I'm in love with anything horror and gore. Please excuse my terrible vocabulary use and slight wrong grammar on some Pastas I might ( hopefully ) make. 

    That's all, I guess. I don't know how you stumbled upon this blog post - either b…

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