Just a blog about me. I usually love pastas that feature mirrors or dolls. Why is this, you may ask? Because in real life I hate both. It's not an irrational fear. That would imply that my fears are baseless. The fucked up truth is, (and keep in mind, I'm not writing a pasta right now. This is a real blog.) the people who write those things have no fucking idea how close to the truth they get. The fact that things watch you? I've seen it. I took pics on my sister's camera to show to her. She once had a mirror that was left to her by her mother in law's mom. Fucker was older than dirt. I saw some things flash in it once, so I took some pictures with her camera. There turned out to be faces, and full bodies in those pictures. When she saw them, out of curiosity, she decided to take more  pictures. Then a couple of her friends tried it too. One of the most  haunting ones was a porcelain doll with black tentacles. I couldn't believe it. After that night, I still see things in them once in a while. I will never like mirrors. And no, I don't have the pictures anymore. They're stored on an SD card somewhere in my home, but I don't know where. And also, I don't really care if you believe me or not. It's my blog. Therefore, it's my spot to write my personal thoughts. Keep on writing.