God, I am bored. Everything this weekend has been utter shite. It's been nice enough, but I've been alone all weekend. I haven't had my quote unquote girlfriend around, as she's been busy setting up her new apartment, and my best friend (and all around hottie) went to visit her parents an hour east of here. My roommate's gone, and my friends all left for the weekend. 

This brings me to this site. Considering that it's one of my favorite places to read some of the best works from aspiring horror writers, and people who love to spin a tale, the Creepypasta Wiki is always there for me when the only other option is to sleep the boredom away. That much said, is it too much to ask for some relatable characters in the stories? I'll explain.

The stories that I read are usually of moderate length, and they are nice to distract myself with during bouts of boredom. But having character that people can relate to makes reading them perfect. You think about yourself in their shoes, and you honestly think of what you would do in those situations. 

This weekend, all the characters in the pastas have been twats. It's an okay thing for a very limited number of pastas to have things you cannot relate to; Slenderman is not someone that anyone wants to be (unless they're paedos). But for every one Slenderman, there's five "Who Was Phones", except minus the poor grammar and humour that made it so delightful to read.

I've kind of lost my train of thought here, but I'm just trying to say, make your stories readable. Don't make them feel like trudging through the fucking swamp outside of my flat. Bloody global warming, and cheap arse landlords who won't install drainage tile out there.