Bullying is actually a good practice. I know, I know, (dodges moldy tomato) you are probably like the rest of the people who think, "OH SHIT IF I DON'T FEEL GOOD, TEH WORLD WILL END!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111"  Well, here's the thing. Bullying makes for stronger people. Do you think that Bill Gates would be a multibillionaire if he didn't have something to prove to all the twatwaffles who wedgied him in high school? No. he'd be playing games on his Apple desktop while he lived in his mom's basement. This is a good phenomenon. It separates the strong from the nothings. 

Why am I writing this here, you may be asking. Well, lately, there's been tons of troll haters and people saying, "Oh, don't tell these people they fail! It's better to give positive criticism to people who write the shittiest shitpastas the world has ever seen. Peepz be tellin' me dat dey ain't gonna write another macaroni, yo!" In some cases, positive criticism is good. In the cases of people who cry to the Mommy-admins, though, one has to ask themselves: "Do I really care if some shitty author never tries again?" For every one good article, there's at least a dozen mediocre ones that pop up. For every mediocre one, there's a hundred terrible, unfinished, poorly spelled, and utterly shit articles added (and promptly deleted). I don't hate people who try and fail. Abraham Lincoln failed a fuckton of times before he became great. I can't fucking stand people who cry because they failed, though. People need to grow up. If some little troll or unkind comment makes you quit trying, you probably weren't worth this wiki's time in the first place. I'd hate to see you in the real world.

Not to say that I approve of all unkind words. If it's obvious that somebody put a lot of effort into it, you don't tear into them haphazardly. But for people that use every cliche known to man, and then can't make anything worth reading, let it rip.

This has been my thought for the day, tune in next time. (Runs from barrage of fruit)  Trying to save the macabre, one story at a time.