• Jorbaa


    February 28, 2014 by Jorbaa

    I hope all you moderators go to hell

    You are ruining the creepypasta page with your terror regime, blocking creativity


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  • Jorbaa

    Hi everyone,

    I'm jorbaa and I just became a member of this website. I have a serious problem, which I like to get advice for.

    My native language is not English, it's Dutch. I've always had problems with my Dutch grammar and to be honest it's the same bummer with my English grammar.

    The bad thing is, I have lots of inspiration, but I struggle to make good sentences. I've already posted 4 CP stories and they all suffer from bad spelling and grammar. I think that this is a waste, because it negatively influences the perception of the story if it is written badly.

    So do you have good tips of how i can make my stories flow better or tips to improve the grammar of my stories?

    Kind Regards!

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