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Ever need to write something and it keeps you up at night until you do?

It is 2:26  AM and I am working on my first creepypasta. I have written it over and over and over, and it is still not ready for public eyes. Luckily, I have sisters who help me with editing, and boy did it creep her out. Apparently, some of the stuff was to gross for her... Which is weird since I am still on the rough draft and haven't added any kind of detail.. Then again... I can read or listen to creepypastas before bed and be rather happy... It might just be me....  Anyway, I have written horror before, and when asked to write a  descriptive essay... Well I creeped out my teacher. Funny, I wrote it on a dream and it wasn't even a bad dream. Or.. Not the worst dream. Anyway, I am mostly just rambling. But some of my greatest ideas come when I am half asleep... I mean, I won a state contest essay thing that way. Even though I thought it was just homework and didn't realize she was submiting it to a thing... Crafty teacher... What was the subject again? Oh dear. I forgot. Well back to the story... No... I am not writing it on here... I rather paste it from the document thingy... Sorry about the spelling. 

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