Some creepypasta members think they are pretty screwed up in the brain because of blah blah reasons caused be creepypasta. Well this is where I want to talk to the ones who were screwed in the brain before creepypasta, and that is why you enjoy some of them so much.. I am really curious about this. What weird quirks do you have? I won't judge. I have some pretty screwy ones that make writing creepypastas all the more fun! (No. I have not contributed them here yet.)  Anyway, tell me! Like murdering people in you brain? Mass genocide? Don't be ashamed of your twisted brains! Who wants a normal brain?! I know I don't! So spill all my little creepys! 

H P Lovecraft s The Temple by flipation

H.P. Lovecraft, enter his temple of doom

My quirks are imaginary canniabalism, mass murders, burning down the world, toruture (Art is fun for that), and many other things that my brain doesn't want to let me remember right now.