Man, I'm really a Dronian rip-off, aren't I?? lol.

In retrospect, Kid of Horror has room for improvement, and I'll take advantage of that. I'll be doing a (major?) rewrite. 

The dude who has the shit happen to him will be different, the stuff he does when he's not focusing on KoH will be different, hell, the show might even be a little different. The reason I still sort of like the original, is because it's like a start for me. It was my starting creepypasta, it helped me get a learning curve of writing creepypasta, and I can learn from my mistakes, being older now and obviously wiser. (that's why I wait between drafts of a story I write)

But, I'm not saying I want the original deleted. Dronian, if you want, I guess you could put that original story up on your HA wiki and then put my rewrite on there, since it did appear in an article you wrote (but was later taken down) tying my story, and your stories together.

Not having to do with this post, I'm working on a new creepypasta. (and possibly another one, it's a rough draft I wrote last summer but forgot about)