i came her to right some things that are so super amazing and they keep deleting my master peices. i know im writing evertyhing just how it should e written; and these haters delete my stories. i dont do well with rejection and the unbelievavle standards on tis site are just to hard. im sure if i took my storyes somewhere eles, like Nightmare they would be accepted. you hear that your standards are stricter then a prestiougous magizeen. it if wasnt for thta empty guy all my stories would be allowed to stay without any one complainin about them. to top it all off, the only fed back i get is that the storie wanst up to quality standards. what the fuck does that even mean. my gramma is impecable as you can see from this blog, so what is up with these standrads. you guys are just haters. i don't know why i waste me time tring to right here. im just going to take my storyes and go some where else.

good by cruel wiki and good riddenace.