Hello everyone, I am rather new to this site and am still figuring out how to make things work as well as I would like to. I see people who have headers and footers and whatnot and that seems cool to know how to do. Also I saw that I could put a signature at the end of my things, however I had already forgotten how to do so.

Anyway, I have a few questions for everyone on this site in hopes to get some good info:

1) Have you ever been published outside of this wiki?

2) What kind of advice could you give to help others who would like to be published achieve that goal?

3) How many of you want to be published?

I look forward to hearing your answers and learning some tips and tricks from you guys. To answer the questions myself, no I haven't been published before, but that may also be because a lack of trying. I write often but have only sent out three stories to be considered for publication. I would like to be published, but since I haven't I don't have any advice to give on that subject.

I do have a novel I had finished but still in the editing stage. Which would also be a good question. What advice do you have to make editing easier and more enjoyable for the author?