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  • JohnathanNash

    So, because I look at the recent feed and not really at the age of a post, I've commented on something that was posted from 2015. That being said, is there some way we can automate this site to delete dead posts so this doesn't happen again? I can see some problems may arise if the script starts attacking stories, but for blogs and forum posts, could we do that?

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  • JohnathanNash

    So, if any of you have known me since I've started, and know me from some other places, you may know that I've struggled with editing for a while. Now, I've gotten a little better on how to edit, and would like to share some of the wisdom with you. There's some really easy things that you can search for and either change or get rid of entirely.

    1) So, let's the the most obvious thing out of the way first: grammar. Look for things that aren't correct. There's plenty of other pages on this site to help find some issues with grammar, and I'd advise you read them, but here's a quick list of easy things to keep an eye out for: Overuse of punctuation (namely semi-colons and ellipsis), misspelled words, capitalization, the basic kind of things.

    2) …

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  • JohnathanNash

    Please Bear with me

    December 7, 2015 by JohnathanNash

    I am doing a test to see something. I am going to be uploading a good number of stories onto this site, stories I've written in the past which believe are sub-par. Some of which I believe will be taken down within minutes, with some luck others will stay for much longer. I am wondering if the first story, one which I published before creating this blog, will still be up by the time I finish writing this.

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up before you see a lot of stories that have been scrapped in the past.


    JohnathanNash (talk)

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  • JohnathanNash

    Hey there,

    There are some authors which seem to be so good, so on top of the game, that they are the only ones that get talked about. I have noticed that a lot of them are good at one aspect of writing. So below are going to be a short list of authors which I feel are the best and what they are the best at. Most of them are going to be for horror and suspense, but there may be a few which are just classic writers who have made such an indelible mark on writing they cannot be over looked.

    1) H. P. Lovecraft: Let's start off with one of the masters of modern horror. In fact, without this man we wouldn't be writing creepypasta the way we do. He is most know for the mythos hey created, the Cthulhu Mythos. He had given the world some of the most …

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  • JohnathanNash

    Writers block

    August 7, 2015 by JohnathanNash

    Oh, I hate writers block. The more I try to write something the more I fall into the the grips of this monster. For the past week or so I've been trying to write a story, most of which just come out to be a few hundred to a thousand words before I scrap the idea because it is just terrible.

    Most of the time, when this ailment befalls me, I can just write through it. But this time seems to be much stronger and longer than normal. It is a long drawn out problem, which is starting to get under my skin.

    So, what do you guys do when you can't seem to think of anything good? Where do you guys go that makes you think? I used to get great ideas from youtube or movies, but now it doesn't seem to be working very well. I need a little help for a good p…

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