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  • I live in Under your bed
  • I was born on May 23
  • I am Female
  • JennaEstarAndHannaBien

    I'm about to fall asleep. But I must stay strong and not fall asleep.... STUPID DARE!!!

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  • JennaEstarAndHannaBien

    Two packs of cigarettes, the strongest whisky Kentucky can make. That's a recipe to put a bag of honor on his hands and knees. I watched it all up close, because I knew him more then most. I saw a side of him that never showed. Full of simpathy for a world that wouldn'tlet him be. That's the man he was. Have you heard enough? What a shame, what a shame. To judge a life you can't change. The choir sings, the church bells ring. So why don't you give this man his wings. What a shame, to have to beg you to see, we're not all the same. What a shame.

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