I have been a member of the CreepyPasta wikia for almost six days now, and I am beginning to notice something. Most new members that join this site come onto the chat and want ideas for a creepypasta. And once you give this person an idea, they shoot your idea down saying they want something to do with a cartoon/game/psychic entity etc etc. I can only imagine how annoyed older members are of this. Seriously, guys, if you join this site with the intention of writing a story, come up with one on your own before joining. It gets annoying when you ask over and over for an idea for a creepypasta, especially if you shoot down what we give you. We don't HAVE to give you ideas. We shouldn't. It isn't our job. I thought long and hard about what I was going to write and whether or not it would be good enough before I joined. I didn't depend on someone else's ideas. Being a writer is being able to come up with an idea and execute it correctly, not slapping some words together on Microsoft Word and uploading them without revision. Stories need more than that. They need sustenance. They need a point.

And the next time you ask for an idea and we give you one, for fuck's sake, use the damn idea. Being able to use that idea and turn it into a great story is a great way to practice your writing skills. It's hard coming up with ideas, we KNOW, so what makes you think that it is any easier for us to make one up for you?

Originality, people.