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  • I live in Seoul, Korea
  • I was born on June 14
  • I am Female
  • Jekel-and-Hyde

    Cleric & Co.

    December 3, 2012 by Jekel-and-Hyde

    So my pasta is coming together quite nicely, we should see it up soon. I am currently having an interesting conversation with Cleric and 'Red Mist' about dead babies, severed fingers and ladybugs. You guys make me feel so welcome here :D *insert manly tears*

    We shall see if my pasta makes it on the site tonight. I sure hope so, but another day of editing won't hurt.

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  • Jekel-and-Hyde

    'Give me and idea'

    December 1, 2012 by Jekel-and-Hyde

    I have been a member of the CreepyPasta wikia for almost six days now, and I am beginning to notice something. Most new members that join this site come onto the chat and want ideas for a creepypasta. And once you give this person an idea, they shoot your idea down saying they want something to do with a cartoon/game/psychic entity etc etc. I can only imagine how annoyed older members are of this. Seriously, guys, if you join this site with the intention of writing a story, come up with one on your own before joining. It gets annoying when you ask over and over for an idea for a creepypasta, especially if you shoot down what we give you. We don't HAVE to give you ideas. We shouldn't. It isn't our job. I thought long and hard about what I w…

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  • Jekel-and-Hyde

    Writing a Story

    November 29, 2012 by Jekel-and-Hyde

    So my first CreepyPasta is under way...To be honest, i am nervous about uploading it. I don't want to screw up and get in trouble :s

    But I hope it goes well. It is an original, non-gaming pasta, so we will see how people like it~

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