I try everyday to meet the standrads of people I don't know and don't care about. Plus when I post a blog that does not look like a blog then you must lern that it is and I'm sorry that you didn't understand that my type of blogs shows what I feel like on the inside that I can't say out loud to the people I do know and I'm sorry if I sound rude for saying all the stuff I'm saying now but this is who I am and that's all. Now who am I in this world of animals and monsters? I am a "thing" that people use for stuff they don't want to do. If you ever see someone smiling looking really happy stop and think how do they really feel are they crying on the inside when they tell you they're all right or do they cut themselves thinking nothing in this world loves them well I am only myself and what I say is about myself and how I truthfully feel in this world full of nothing but lies and death.