• JeffxLaughingJack

    Okay my friends asked me why my story was deleted. Well. Two of the admins for this page deleted for a reason I still do not quite understand. It was a quality pasta. It took me days to write, including ideas, brainstorming, plots, settings, climax, epilougs, and picture. I need more information as to why it was deleted. The box underneath the story told me it was some quotes from the story i.e "Nighty Night," and "Looking in the mirror Alice thought, 'Wow, I'm nervous'." Admins, if you are reading this blog post, can you please explain to me what I did wrong, what I should fix, what I should delete, and/or something that bothered you about those sentances? I'm just rather confused at the moment, and need more feedback as to why it was del…

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