aka Kaylea

  • I live in Non of ur concern
  • I was born on December 2
  • My occupation is Reading creepypasta and eating Nutella all day long
  • I am Female
  • JeffTheUnicorn55

    Ok so I just finished reading Abandoned by Disney part one and two and I was really satisfied by the story. I was actually quite frightened in some parts in the story and whenever I see the pic of negative Mickie I was like haha NO. The only thing I didn't like about part one is that in most of the story he is just looking around and it's not to scary until the end. And there are only like 3 scary parts and for a creepypasta there should be way more, right? The second one I liked a lot better with the scare factor because it seemed more in the edge and creepy. I didn't really understand the ending, I'm starting to figure it out but if someone could explain to me so I know I'm getting this right would be nice. I also did post some pastas of…

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