I'm just dropping in to let everyone know that there are new stories by Dupin and NickyXX on my little wiki. I know a lot of you are fans of their work, and I would love to give everyone the chance to read and comment on them if you so choose.

MrDupin's is a compilation of flash fiction including the once very popular "Fuck Me" and several others. I've read them all, and they're all great. Here is a link to the page - Dupin's Delicious Short Tales.

Second is a series by another one of the best writers on this site, NickyXX, called Briar Rose. The series goes as follows:

The Park - Ansley, a schizophrenic twenty-something, returns to her hometown fourteen years after her best friend, Micah, disappeared there without a trace.

The Closet - Ansley makes a new friend and reconnects with an old one. A disturbing dream is connected to a long-forgotten neighbor.

Little Brown Notebook - A childhood journal adds context to Ansley's dream. Luke reveals the tragic fate of another Grand Adventurer.

Starshine Gate - Ansley ventures into The Forest and receives a cryptic message from Mathilde.

I really hope anyone that is interested will stop by and support your fellow writers. If you're in the mood to talk or discuss the stories, we have a Discord link on the front page of the site. Simply click "Connect" and follow the instructions. Thanks for your time.