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Javer80 January 26, 2012 User blog:Javer80

Just for fun. They're not all scary, either.

Where is my son? Her desperate calls fell silent. She let out a scream of frustration, kicking aside the waving, wailing thing at her feet. Where is my child? *

Jeffrey sat numbly in the office. Everyone got so upset when he spat a thick jet of acid into Mr. Wo's eyes and throat. What - couldn't a kid express himself?

I stood atop the biggest trash heap in the city. This area had once been lush and fertile. Now only rot grew here. I sighed, and went back to masturbating.

She punched in a bypass code and cackled as massive bay doors slid open. A tiny pod drifted tetherlessly into the sea of stars. If he wanted space, then by God-

Wet crunching makes you jump. A heavy footfall... Then another. You realize calling for help may have been a bad idea. Moist fingers curl around your throat.

Abyss gave birth to sleek Night; Night lay with Erebos and begat Aether and Day. For Hesiod, creation began not with a bang or a whimper, but with a moan.

"'You dis my dog, you fluff my hog," Barry intoned solemnly, tapping ash into the burning wreck. The terrier, gingerly minding its missing leg, wagged after him.

* Not actually a ripoff of One Question, though I know it sounds like it.

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