• Javer80

    Status report: no one cares

    January 27, 2012 by Javer80

    I've been feeling a mite burned-out on creepypasta. On creative fiction in general, really. Not for lack of ideas, heaven forbid - I've got a stack four or five potential masterpieces (snrk) high. But even proofreading, my usual specialty, has taken on the smelly gray cast of chore. Flaked out on the last couple of pieces I was asked to review - not that others haven't willingly stepped up to the plate, or that my discerning eye is particularly sought after.

    Then again, this thing right here is a bold new frontier. Bold and new as any frontier left to me, anyway. Maybe I'll earn my bread writing quasi-worthwhile blog posts instead.




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  • Javer80

    160-character stories

    January 26, 2012 by Javer80

    Just for fun. They're not all scary, either.

    Where is my son? Her desperate calls fell silent. She let out a scream of frustration, kicking aside the waving, wailing thing at her feet. Where is my child? *

    Jeffrey sat numbly in the office. Everyone got so upset when he spat a thick jet of acid into Mr. Wo's eyes and throat. What - couldn't a kid express himself?

    I stood atop the biggest trash heap in the city. This area had once been lush and fertile. Now only rot grew here. I sighed, and went back to masturbating.

    She punched in a bypass code and cackled as massive bay doors slid open. A tiny pod drifted tetherlessly into the sea of stars. If he wanted space, then by God-

    Wet crunching makes you jump. A heavy footfall... Then another. You real…

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  • Javer80

    I've decided to spend my first blog post in conveyance of actual talent.

    (Look grateful.)

    This is a relatively short blog post by Kris Straub, former (and current? I guess he's still writing Starslip) webcomic artist. And, as mentioned, author of probably the most-ripped-off creepypasta in existence: "Candle Cove".

    It amounts to a nicely worded tip on shock value and how to play your narrative hand. But what you might find even more valuable is some brief, sober critique on a few other well-known pastas and what makes them good. I like Straub's comments because he doesn't appear to be jaded on horror at all, and still has the excitable wherewithal to note why some stories conti…

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